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A Sad Day in Chicago...

Ron Santo, beloved Cubs icon (and a White Sox player in 1974) has died in Arizona from complications of bladder cancer.He was only 70 years old.

He also battled Type-1 diabetes from the age of 18, which caused health problems throughout his life, including the loss of both legs. He also had heart problems. He was the Cubbies #1 fan in the broadcast booth, not hiding his love of the game, his pleasure when the Cubs did good and his disappointment when they did bad.

I have to admit that I cried like I lost a member of my family this morning when I heard the news. They had a retrospective look at his career on Comcast Sports Net this morning which was really well done and reaction from different people, including Pat Hughes, Ron's partner in the radio booth for 14 years on WGN. I just feel numb about this news. And it's a sad fact that he wasn't inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran's Committee when he was alive. I'm not sure if he can still be inducted, but what's the point now, except to prove that he had statistics that showed he was equal or better than third basemen who are already in the HOF.

Beloved Cubs icon Santo dies at age 70

Ron Santo dead at 70

Ron Santo's life in baseball

You will be missed, Ronnie! But your #10 flag will fly high above Wrigley Field forever!

Ernie Banks and Ron Santo flags flying over Wrigley Field

Cubbie Bear in mourning

Ron and Pat at Wrigley Field

Pat Hughes and Ron Santo in Cub jerseys in the dugout at Wrigley Field

Ron Santo and Pat Hughes in the radio broadcast booth at Wrigley Field

Ron Santo

Ron Santo - Broadcaster and Player

Ron Santo - Broadcaster and Die-Hard Cubs Fan!

Ron Santo and the black cat

Ron Santo and Lou Piniella


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