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Now, Cubs supposed ace, Carlos Zambrano is going to the bullpen to be the set-up man for closer Carlos Marmol.

Cubs move ace Carlos Zambrano to bullpen

This makes no sense to me, since Zambrano hasn't been a reliever since 2002. I think it's just a way to shake up the club to get them to wake up. Hopefully.

I can't see Zambrano being real successful as a relief pitcher since he usually is shaky during the early innings of ball games that he starts. It would have been more logical to move Dempster, Wells or Gorzelanny to the bullpen. They would be much more successful in the role.

This is in response to the fact that Ted Lilly is coming off the disabled list this weekend and is going back into the starting rotation. Here's hoping that Lilly has a successful return to the rotation and gives the Cubs a much needed boost.


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