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50 Best Cubs

Of course, I would have ranked Mark Grace MUCH higher than number 14, but I'm sort of partial towards him. Not a bad representation over-all.

The 50 best Cubs

March 5, 2010
BY MARK POTASH mpotash@suntimes.com
Even at the height of his popularity in Chicago, Sammy Sosa resisted the notion that he was the new ‘‘Mr. Cub.’’

‘‘Ernie Banks will always be Mr. Cub,’’ he said.

The 50 Best Cubs

He got that one right.

Though Sosa eclipsed Banks as the Cubs’ all-time home-run leader with 545 and made baseball history by averaging 61 home runs and 149 RBI from 1998 to 2001, Mr. Cub still is the greatest Cub of them all.

Sosa has the numbers — with 66 homers in 1998, 63 in 1999 and 64 in 2001, he become the only player in history with three 60-homer seasons. What he doesn’t have is credibility. Though he has denied using performance-enhancing drugs, the New York Times reported that Sosa tested positive for PEDs in 2003.

That doesn’t mean he did. But the circumstantial evidence — the spike in homers from 36 in 1997 to 66 in 1998, his unusual physical growth, his broken-English act at a congressional hearing in 2005 — makes it just as difficult to argue that he didn’t.

So Sosa gets bumped to No. 8 on the ‘‘50 Best Cubs’’ list — a spot he appeared to be headed for in 1997, after averaging a .268 batting average with 34 homers and 100 RBI the previous five seasons to give him 178 homers with the Cubs. And if he doesn’t like it, he can point the finger at Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi — who denied using performance-enhancing drugs as vociferously as Sosa has, only to eventually admit the truth, casting suspicion on everybody.

He also can point the finger at himself for using a corked bat in 2003, exposing his willingness to go over the line to gain a competitive edge and costing him something he probably never thought he’d ever lose in Chicago: the benefit of the doubt.

So much for comparisons to Mr. Cub. We all know there is only one of those.

Here's the original article to click on the photo gallery of the top 50:

50 Best Cubs



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