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This was posted on several lists by Alyjude.

Just thought I would add this in case someone missed it:

In less than three days, the Fourth Annual Online Moonridge Auction
be officially underway! This will be the last email until the official
opening email, and it does contain some important reminders!!

It seems only fitting that this email should come today, our guppy's
birthday. Yep, today, May 24th, is Garett Maggart's birthday! He is
celebrating his 37th! And what great gift you can help give him on June
24th? Our hefty donation to the Moonridge Animal Park through your
donations and adoptions from the Moonridge Auction! (Yes, that was
sneaky of me, wasn't it? *grin*) But you know, there's something you
can actually do for Garett today! A wonderful "Birthday card" in the
form of a Birthday guest book has been set up and you can find it here:

Head over and leave him a birthday message, and then hop over to:
www.mafg.org and stake out the items you want for bidding and the
animals you want to adopt! And don't forget, it's not too late to
(I'll be taking donations throughout the auction)!

I also want to remind everyone of the Special Auctions (non-animal
adoptions). We have seven (7) of them so read them carefully. Some are
LIMITED, meaning they're first come-first serve, up to a set amount of
winners. Some are UNLIMITED, meaning EVERYONE who donates a set amount
of money will receive the item. PLEASE read the information on the
Special Auction, which can be found here:

It is vital that if you plan on trying for one of the LIMITED special
auction items, that you send your email to me as soon after 12:01 AM
on May 27th. Remember to include the item # or your email won't count.
And remember, payment (or proof thereof) must be in my hands (or inbox)
no later than JUNE 23RD or you will lose the item. And don't forget
PROXY bidding/emails! If you're not available when the auction starts,
but want one of the special auction items, have a buddy send me the
email. Same thing through out the auction itself. If you're going to be
unavailable on the final day, have someone prepared to proxy bid for

For the animal adoptions, there is NO time limit and you can adopt NOW
and all the way up to June 22nd (monies need to be received by the

Don't forget that we have a few "adult" pieces of art, but to view
you need to email me for the special URL!

We also have a multitude of fandoms (beside the big two: The Sentinel
and Stargate SG1) represented in the story donations, fandoms like
Starsky and Hutch, Phantom of the Opera, Smallville, Diagnosis Murder,
X-Files, The Professionals, and Stargate Atlantis. You just can't lose.

So now you have several new things to add to your agenda:

1. Run, do not walk, to the Garett Birthday Guest book and leave your
message (http://www.garettmaggartonline.com/guestbook.htm)
2. Think about donating to the Auction to help make this his best
birthday year ever, not to mention helping some wonderful animals who
desperately need YOU
3. Visit the auction site to pick out your WINNING items (www.mafg.org)
4. Adopt an Animal (http://www.mafg.org/adoptions.htm)

And Celebrate TODAY, GARETT'S birthday and HUMP day. Er... no pun
intended. ::slinks away::




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